Your Treatment

Clinica Picasso

During surgical consultation we evaluate if your health problems can be relieved or cured by an operative procedure. The interdisciplinary concept of the Clinica Picasso with short ways of communication and personal attention helps to establish quickly a diagnosis. We would appreciate if you bring your previous medical records or send them via email. If an operation is necessary we complete required diagnostic procedures in the Clinica Picasso or collaborating hospitals ( for example CT, MRT, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, X-ray, blood tests etc. ).


All operations will be performed by me as out- or inpatient surgery at private hospitals of the quironsalud – Group meeting highest standards.


Clinica Rotger


After release from the hospital according to your medical condition and wellness we will follow-up your reconvalescence at the Clinica Picasso. If a malignant tumor was resected the oncologic follow-up and adjuvant therapy will be conducted by national or international cancer centers. All consultants of the Clinica Picasso well help and assist you according to your personal requirements.


We collaborate with all medical insurance companies and will find a solution tailored to you personally.